pingu_motherPingu books is returning to Buster Nordic as of beginning 2016 .

We are absolutely thrilled to bring the news that we have obtained the Nordic rights for Pingu books.

Pingu, who lives in the South Pole along with his family & friends, is the main character in the well-known tv-series of the same name.

He has a sister, grandfather, mother and father, and many friends as well! He is about 5 years old. His best friend is Robby the Seal, and is often playing with him. He sometimes can be very naughty, but tends to sort things out when he realises the errors of his ways.

April, 2015


Pingu’s family

(source; Wikipedia)

  • Pingu is the main character of the series, a typically playful, curious little boy penguin. He is strong-willed and prone to occasional tantrums; when he gets excited or angry or wants attention, he makes a loud squawking noise and when he does, turns his beak into a megaphone-like shape
  • Pinga is Pingu’s younger sister, who first appears in the episode “The New Arrival”. She resembles an emperor penguin chick, as do other infant/toddler penguins throughout the show.
  • Mother and Father are Pingu and Pinga’s parents; their actual names are not revealed. Father is a postman who smokes a pipe in the early episodes, but quits later. He has a motorized sledge to deliver the mail, sometimes with help from Pingu. Mother is a housewife who spends most of her time cooking and cleaning. Mother sometimes gets help from Pingu and Pinga, and she always gives them a cuddle when they have learned a lesson.
  • Grandfather is Pingu and Pinga’s paternal grandfather, who first appeared in the episode “Music Lessons”. He is an expert accordionist, as he demonstrates to Pingu in that episode, and is also a former professional weight lifter.