Fireman Sam joins Buster Nordic for story- and activity book releases throughout 2017

We are extremely pleased to have negotiated with Mattel/HIT and NLC the rights to publish books and activity books with Fireman Sam.

Fireman Sam is a stop-motion animation series featuring  Sam – “The Hero Next Door”.

Set in and around the village of Pontypandy in Wales, the series recounts the daily adventures of Fireman Sam as he comes to the rescue of his friends and colleagues in various perilous situations.

Fires need to be put out; children to be rescued from quarries; Rosa the cat is always getting stuck in lifts or trees – and there’s even a subsidence story where Sam finds himself in “deep” trouble.

Underlying the stories is a safety theme – which is Sam’s “USP” (Unique Selling Point) – and one of the reasons for his popularity with parents as well as children.  But this message never overtakes the story and the focus is always on a good yarn with lots of humor.

Other HIT properties include: Angelina Ballerina, Thomas and Friends, and Pingu.