DC Super Friends

DC Super Friends

In a new book series from Buster Nordic, young readers can fly into new adventures and meet both heroes and villians on the loose.

The first title, “Heroes in action”, contains a presentation of each super hero, and two amazing stories “Space Chase” and “Monster Madness”, where the Super Friends are battling the Joker and Scarecrow respectively. These are stories that are sure to excite young readers.

About DC Super Friends:

When things are looking bad, the mightiest super heroes (Batman, Superman, Green Latern, Wonder Woman and many more super hero favorites) stand united to fight for truth and justice. Together, the DC Super Friends form a strong team who stand side by side – each with their own superpowers and abilities.

”DC Super Friends – Heroes in action” will be published across Nordic in local languages in fall 2015, and is aimed at kids 5-8 years old, who loves super heroes!

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